Give Your Recordings The Life, Punch And Competitive Edge They Deserve. You Work Hard Let Me Work Hard For You. Email Me Your WAV Files And I'll Deliver You A Professional Mix. Mixing And Mastering Is What I Do.




Have an idea or instrument you'd like to implement into your music but you cannot play it? No worries. I can and I'll play it for you. There are not too many instruments I cannot play. Let me work for you!


My Name Is Jeff Parnell, Owner Operator Of MegaMixing. I Am Here To Help Musicians, Song Writers And Bands Produce Exceptional Quality Music. 

You Work Hard And I'll Work Hard For You To Get Your Music Ready For the World To Hear. I Specialize In Professionally Mixing and Mastering Of Your Music. I Can Help You Produce It, Or Produce It For You, Or Put Finishing Touches On Your Music To Prepare For Launch To Itunes And Spotify, Pandora and dozens of others. I Am Always In The Recording Studio.

I Am A Professionally Trained Musician With Guitar, Bass, Drums, Piano and Vocals. So, If You Have an Idea For An Instrument You Can't Play... I Can Play It For You. I Can Also Assist And Collaborate With You On Ideas For Musical Arrangements. 

Genres  Include, Rock, Pop, Progressive Rock, Americana, Christian Rock And Country.

Steps To Get Going


Get In Touch With Me. Tell Me Your Goals And Aspirations. We Can Skype Or Come By The Studio For A Free Consultation. Lets Talk About Your Projects. Go To The "Contact Us" link at the top of the page. Or, Heck, Just Give Me A Call 585-683-2429 and let's talk shop!


Lets Execute On The Project! 

Get Your Tracks To Me For Some Expert Results! We'll Make Everything Sit Just Right In The Mix. I'll Do The Mixing And Mastering In My Optimized Recording Studio And You Do The Listening And Distributing!


Get Ready Because I'm Sending Your Tracks To You... Mixing Is Where I Shine And So Will Your Music. It Will Be Ready For The Ears Of The World...

Real Testimonials


Marshall Amps

Hey Jeff- WOW! Great facility, very professional, yet comfortable. Glad to see our gear on hand. Your site is great, too. Thanks, Jeff! 

Hugh Gilmartin

Artist Relations Manager

Marshall Amplification USA/Eden 


"Jeff- I had a blast jamming the other day. You are an incredible musician, songwriter and producer."

Pete Fornieri - East End Drifters

Additional Testimonials

"You are a very detailed mixing engineer with a keen knowledge of space and time. Awesome job mixing us!"

The Phunk Fenomenon

"Awesome work ethic and very inspirational! Thanks Jeff!"

Blue Hearts

"Nailed it on all points promised. Thank you for your creative touches."

Kris Cordez

"Great project management and production skill-set. See you again soon!"

James Poteat

"Killer sound man! Everything rocked! We rock because you rock!


"Great facility and nicely done my-man! Sounds excellent"


"Jeff, you are a great collaborator and technical musician. You know how and when to add drama to a song. Thank you."

Peace Props

"You are so easy to work with, intuitive and quick. Thank you thank you thank you!"

Daryl Travis

"The way you work an arrangement is so sweet. You've capture and added every essential element we required. Thanks Jeff."

The Niche